Welcome to my iOS games section! HEre are the iOS games I have made.


Radio la vila...

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Choose your face

ARe you ready to be the star of the moment and get 100,000 gold coins? Choose an emoji... with a hidden amount of coins and get ready to open other face like boxes to see how many coins they have.

Will you get 1 coin or 50000? Will you rise to the top and get 100,000? Will you instead take the offer from the bank, which will bug you every once in a while to tempt you with some coins? Or will you continue opening until the end until you discover the coins in your box?

Choose your Face gameplay video

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Accessible Hangman

The classic word guessing game, with sound effects and vibrations to enhance your experience. It will provide you and your friends with hours of fun, trying to make you to guess the obvious, or not so obvious, word.

With Eight levels of difficulty, full accessibility and scoreboards, hours of fun are guaranteed!

Youtube Gameplay Video

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Accessible 2048

The goal of this game is to combine numbers together until you reach a tile with the number 2048. Can you do it?

- Sound effects to enhance your gaming experience;

- Fully accessible with voiceover, with larger tiles for low vision users;

- Fully compatible with your iPhone and iPad;

- Win and share with your friends!

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