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If you are a pack developer, you might want to grab the Example pack to get started.

Here are the soundpacks currently available for rhythm rage. If you are playing the game using the installer, you need to put these in application data/oriol gomez/rg/packs

The default pack changed after the first release. If you want the original default pack, you can get the hardcore pack, and the Spanish version of this same pack can be found here.

Retro world

Retro world is a jump in time to the 80's. If you like 8bit chiptune music, this pack is for you. And if you don't, this pack is for you too! The 12 levels in this pack will keep you playing for hours and hours, no matter your musical tastes.

Here is an audio demo of some of the levels in this pack

This demo is not at all complete, as I want you to discover the levels for yourself. The pack includes memory levels, shooting levels, rhythm keeping levels and much more!

Rhythm rage and its packs will always remain free. However, if you appreciate the hard work put into this game and/or this pack,

please Make a donation click here to download the pack for free

beatstar megamix 1

Want to rhythm to some cool music? This pack only has two levels, but they are both quite long and interesting with many songs. Get it now!

click here to download the pack for free

Have you made a good soundpack? Upload it using this form. Make sure its in .zip format and that you aren't missing *ANY* sounds before uploading it. Don't go around uploading zip files that aren't packs or I will be forced to remove this uploader, I'm pretty sure not many of you would like that. oh and make sure they are in .ogg format!

If you want to try it, put it as a folder inside the packs folder of your game. Before its available for the public, the review team will have a look at it and decide whether it is appropriate. Basically, we will not accept packs with bad rhythms or that suffer other bad inconsistencies. If your pack is good however, we will fix them for you.

Note: the maximum file size that my server allows for file uploads is 50mb. I understand that some packs might be a bit larger than that. If your pack is larger than 50 mb please reach out to me and I will give you a solution.

Upload your soundpack (max file size: 99mb)


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