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Here are the soundpacks currently available for Villains from Beyond. If you are playing the game using the installer, you need to put these in application data/oriol gomez/vfb/packs

If you want to learn how to create your own soundpacks you might still need the Example pack

Have you made a good soundpack? Upload it using this form. Make sure its in .zip format and that you aren't missing *ANY* sounds before uploading it. Don't go around uploading zip files that aren't packs or I will be forced to remove this uploader, I'm pretty sure not many of you would like that. To make sure you aren't missing any files just extract the example and replace the files, oh and make sure they are in .ogg format! By the way, you don't need 5 bgm files. Bgm is background music and the number of bgms will be automatically detected.

If you want to try it, put it as a folder inside the packs folder of your game. Before its available for the public, the review team will have a look at it and decide whether it is appropriate. Basically, we will not accept packs with non exact loops or that suffer other bad inconsistencies. If your pack is good however, we will fix them for you.

Upload your soundpack (max file size: 50mb)


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