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Welcome to the official Mush-z maps repository for Alter aeon!

Here, you will find maps to many alter aeon locations, provided to you by other alter aeon players. If you are starting out, or you just want a place to store your maps and share them with your friends, you've come to the right place!

What are these maps, anyway?

These maps use a mush-z feature called zmap. When you are playing, you can type zmap to see available commands.

Here are the steps to create and share a map:

  1. Type zmap start to begin creating a map which will start at the room you are currently located.
  2. Move to the desired location using normal direction commands. If you move backward, the mapping system will usually detect that and avoid recording the last direction you went to.
  3. To enter special commands, such as open door, or enter portal, type zmd or zmap door and the command. For example, zmd open gate or zmd enter portal or zmd get pickaxe.
  4. If you are unsure in which direction to go and you want to move around to check you're in the right place, type zmap pause, move around, go back to where you were and type zmr or zmap resume to begin recording directions again.
  5. When you arrive to the desired location, type zmap stop to finish creating a map. You will be prompted to save the file. To use it, sae it in worlds/alteraeon/maps in mush-z.
  6. To try out your map, move to the starting room and type zmg or zmap go and the map name. If it shows an error, maybe you saved it in the wrong location.
  7. If your map works, share it with us by using the upload form below!
To install a map, right click the download link and choose save link as... and put it in your worlds/alterAeon/maps folder in your mush-z installation.

Currently available maps: 31.

DescriptionStart locationEnd locationAuthorAdded onDownload
From Unholy To The Refugee Encampment, enjoy!The Unholy Temple of DentinThe Refugee EncampmentAnonymous2018-04-19 14:02:36Download
Deserted To The Alarba desert, land of legends Inside a small deserted chapelThe Alarba desertanonymous2018-04-02 00:28:44Download
notes: the door at deserted wp didn't automaticly open. you need to open the door yourselfInside a small deserted chapelAngels CryMarthinnezze2018-03-30 05:24:12Download
fairielandThe Temple of Stillness in Gad's Landingafter cliffKurek2017-11-13 08:25:19Download
Kurek Mall, Inc.The Unholy Temple of DentinKurek MallKurek2017-11-02 13:17:53Download
naftali minesThe Accepted Chapel of Dentin in NaphtalientranceKurek2017-09-23 03:32:29Download
IdlewoodThe Accepted Chapel of Dentin in NaphtaliVillage of idlewoodKurek2017-09-18 08:15:57Download
were panthersThe Unholy Temple of Dentinwerepanthers hillkurek2017-02-15 12:40:49Download
Vandar trenchThe Center of VandarThe great trench bridgekurek2017-02-08 20:24:50Download
From Phinspang (summer son) to ArcadiaThe temple of the Summer SunEntrance of ArcadiaKenzon2016-10-13 12:04:04Download
trinsic the elven cityfrom deserted chapelInside a small deserted chapeltrinsic sentrieskurek2016-07-05 17:11:36Download
From Gad's Landing to Northshore. You can actually get to Northshore from seaside, but without the swimming skill it will be difficult.The Temple of Stillness in Gad's LandingA small pathKenzon2016-07-02 06:19:34Download
caves of pestilenceCenter of the village.gloomy clearingkurek2016-07-01 12:37:16Download
From Gad's Landing to Village of Seaside on Archais.The Temple of Stillness in Gad's Landingthe Seaside village squareKenzon2016-07-01 11:28:05Download
From dragontooth waypoint to the Monestary of DreamsThe Dragon Tooth WaypointJust within the Monastery of DreamsKenzon2016-07-01 11:17:38Download
village of woodhavenThe Dragon Tooth Waypointwoodhaven village streetkurek2016-06-30 21:12:09Download
cordwood mineThe Accepted Chapel of Dentin in Naphtalicordwood mine entrancekurek2016-06-29 08:11:14Download
Naftali to indira (useful for high level players wishing to go from Naftali to indira)A blasted rocky cragCenter of indirakurek2016-02-27 13:26:50Download
Inn of the lonely wandererThe Temple of Stillness in Gad's LandingInn entranceKurek2015-11-22 22:41:37Download
Kraftridger castleThe Temple of Stillness in Gad's LandingAt the doorsKurek2015-11-20 14:20:41Download
Fort MagnesiaThe Dragon Tooth WaypointCentaursKurek2015-11-20 14:19:51Download
NurglingsThe Temple of Stillness in Gad's LandingAt a small moundKurek2015-11-20 14:19:00Download
The mad warrior's pitThe Indira ShrineMad warrior's pitKurek2015-11-20 14:18:12Download
Village of stillwaterShrine of the Vemarken FaithfulStillwater squareKurek2015-11-20 14:17:28Download
The New Thalos MansionThe New Thalos Temple WaypointMansion EntranceKurek2015-11-20 14:16:15Download
Svirfneblin colonyThe Dragon Tooth WaypointAt a crack in the wall (dragontooth mines)Kurek2015-11-20 14:15:30Download
wyvren forest mazeThe path opens up.unknownKurek2015-11-20 14:13:59Download
Wyvren forestThe Dragon Tooth Waypointedge of the wyvren forestKurek2015-11-20 14:12:56Download
Dragon tooth waypoint to unholy temple of Dentin Quick aliasDragon tooth recallUnholy temple of DentinKurek2015-11-20 12:03:46Download
Alchemist's laboratory from NaftaliThe accepted chapel of Dentin in NaftaliAlchemist lab entrywayKurek2015-11-20 11:57:52Download
Lotus monastery from gads landingTemple of stillness in gadslotus monastery gateKurek2015-11-20 11:29:50Download
Use this form to upload a map. You are asked to enter your name, as well as the ending location for the map and an optional description/notes. The starting location is automatically taken from the map. Note that you are only allowed to upload files in the mush-z maps extension (.mzmap). Trying to upload another file extension will result in failure.

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