hi, and welcome to my legacy BGT games page!

Here, you will find all of my old bgt games. I was very reluctant to post this stuff, but many people are looking for my old projects (years 2011 to 2015) and I have decided to put them here. However, please bare the following things in mind:

  1. The code is dirty. You will find variable names like sound sp, bool dirpack=true, etc, etc.
  2. Indentation is non-existent.
  3. The code formatting is wrong.
  4. IDE support for BGT is 0 to nul, so you are pretty much on your own.
  5. I do not provide support for these games, you will need to compile them yourself. Please refrain from asking about the score server, etc etc as I no longer have this code.

If you run a game and it starts speaking Spanish, you will need to go into game.bgt and modify the first line of the source code. int lang = 1 will run the game in English, int lang = 2 will run the game in Spanish.


BGT software is wrongly detected as a virus by most modern security software. Please, take a look at this page to learn how to add an exclusion to windows defender if you want to compile any of these games as executables.

Available titles right now:: 18

BGT Installer: You will need this to run any of the games in this section

Since the BGT games here are uncompiled, you will need to grab bgt, developed by Blastbay Studios, to run them. Most, if not all, of the games can be run by just running the game.bgt file. Remember to add the bgt folder (usually inside program files (x86)) to the windows defender exclusions list!

Download for Windows

Bombercats: Count the cats... Pick at random. Did it explode? No? Good!

This game, even though it’s probably the simplest of them all, was a ton of fun to make. I remember recording witty sentences in a country accent (on purpose), and then trying to record it in Spanish (without the country accent part).

The premise is simple. In the normal mode, you have a number of cats on the screen and only one of them will not explode when you touch it. If you are successful, an additional cat will be added, making the game more luck based and thus difficult. If the cat explodes, you will go to the next round out of 3.

In survival mode, every cat you touch which does not explode grants you an extra life. Just try it out and tell me what you think!

Download (source code)

Bugs (unfinished game!): Probably, the only thing you can get out of this game are the cool weapon announcement voices. Really.

This is an unfinished game, I wanted to make a kind of sequel to run for your life and mix it with insect therapy (see below) but obviously I didn’t finish it or it wouldn’t be unfinished! Feel free to uh, expand it or something.

Download (source code)

Cones (danger on the wheel): Yes, this game was always called cones internally

Danger on the wheel is one of the games that people enjoyed the most, probably due to its arcade nature. You run around with a car, either in time trial mode or in total level upping, cone smashing, obstacle avoiding mode, and there is even a shop to upgrade your car with emergency fuel and other neat stuff.

I dare you to expand this game, it had some potential!

Download (source code)

F**k that bird!: Flappy bird... Not really

This game was an attempt at making a flappy bird clone using sounds from angry grandpa clips. If anything, the game is hilarious, but not really worth playing unless you have a ton of time to waste!

I remember one of the first versions I posted had an embarrassing debug variable in there which caused all players to get positional information everytime the bird moved. Woops!

Download (source code)

Hammer of glory: Perfect pitch people will have an easier time with this

Remember those old games you heard when going to a theme park or a faire where a really strong guy would smash a hammer into a machine to win the big teddy bear?

This game recreates this feeling. Listen to the pitch of the first sound, and wait until the tone goes up to the pitch you heard. If you are close, you will pass to the next level. It goes faster and faster each time, so be careful! I got to level 23, and you?

Download (source code)

Insect Therapy: I hate flies, too

Insect therapy was one of my most popular games as well, people hate insects for some reason.

Insects come at you from 5 different positions (far left, near left, center, right and so on). You can also get bonus items by pressing numbers which will kill all insects.

How many can you kill?

Download (source code)

Invaders prototype: Mostly by Guillem León

I remember working on this game with one of my friends Guillem León, but I don’t remember how much of this game I made and how much of it was his. Either way, this game is also abandoned, so feel free to grab it.

It’s your typical invaders game with cool sounds and 2 or 3 different weapons, it even has some powerups too.

Download (source code)

Legacy Beatstar: Ever wanted to play the old version of beatstar, with achievements and all those cool self voicing sounds?

The first version of beatstar was born around 2014. first it was an attempt at recreating the Smack Me game which was available on iOS, but it quickly grew into something incredible. From the ability to download user made packs to a slew of minigames, the game quickly became a success. Here, you can grab the latest bgt version of the game for you to play around with the code if you wish.

Remember, this is legacy code and thus has no support for downloading packs. You are responsible for bringing back that functionality, if you wish to fool around with the game.

Download (source code)

QuickTap: QuickTap, the reaction speed test

This is the QuickTap game. I thought I’d lost the code but apparently someone had it on an old hard drive and sent it along. Thank you!

Download (source code)

Rhythm rage: Yes, it's really open source, though it's so bad you probaby won't make sense of it.

Rhythm rage was inspired by Rhythm Heaven Fever for the Nintendo franchise. I probably don’t need to say much except that if you want to get your hands dirty with the code (spaghetti anyone?) you will probably get a headache just by looking at the variable names.

Download (source code)

Roadsplat: AKA Death on the road

My first game ever, really. I never went for your typical guess the number game or the FPS that everyone makes as their first game (wait are those clones?). I made this game which is also! kind of a clone to the curb game in audiogames.net but this one was not made in shockwave flash. Just play it, it’s fun. Even the in-game shop.

Download (source code)

Run for your life: Falling falling falling... Ouch!

Enemy bomb drones are chasing you, and it is your job to just jump or run out of the way to preserve your health! How long can you last?

Download (source code)

Supercube: The cube is still not really a cube

This is embarrassing. the first version of Supercube (A.K.A. brain warp), had a bug in where the cube was not really a cube, meaning that the math was off. This was later fixed in the Javascript version of the game, but since this is the legacy version, it still has the bug. This cube makes it look more like a square with 2 additional side with jerky movements.

anyway, in this game you get a color instruction and you’re supposed to put the cube in the right position, with the spoken color at the top, and the music keeps going faster and faster.

Download (source code)

Template game: If you want to make your own games in BGT though I don't know why you'd want to

Just what it says, this file contains an already set up template with boilerplate code for a game, complete with multilanguage support and an empty game loop. Enjoy!

Download (source code)

Territorio desconocido (untamed land): The helicopter game

Made mostly by Daniel Villalón, in this game you have a helicopter and have to destroy buildings and get ammunition so you don’t crash. An arcade mode was later added by me with enemy missiles, fuel and hunger stats. Check the manual to learn more!

Download (source code)

Thief: Rob the bank and then bang!

This is similar to lockpick by L-works but has a faster gameplay and is a bit more cinematic, you can even die at the end!

Press numbers from 1 to 5 and you will be told whether the number you are looking for is higher or lower. You have 3 tries, and then you are automatically moved to the next lock.

Download (source code)

Villains from beyond: Who the hell came up with that silly name?

This is a clone of Xevious made by Guillem León, it’s one of those retro arcade games. The original pack even has the original sounds and you can get some new packs for the game included in the archive!

The latest version has an in-game shop, enjoy!

Download (source code)