What is this about?

Hi, welcome to my stream and archives page!

I have recently picked up online radio streaming as a hobby again. I have a script that runs live music 24/7 (all legal stuff, don’t go telling the cops now!), and also from time to time I pop in and do gameplays, giveaways or just talk and play music and song requests or maybe even watch something audio described. To find out when my next stream will be, you can follow the social links at the bottom of this page or maybe even join my Discord server

You can listen to my stream by clicking here


If I did a stream and you missed it, please check here to see if it was archived.

If an archive is not here, it can be that either I forgot to archive it due to my goldfishy memory or it could also be because I forgot to upload the thing to the website. Which will certainly happen from time to time because you know, forgot. So please get in touch and ask if there is an archive for x stream. There will not always be an archive for everything unless something interesting or important happens.

I have decided to post both English and Spanish streams on both versions of the site because some people speak multiple languages. If this gets too full because of too many archives, I will eventually split this page.

Here are the archives:

March 4th 2022: Scramble giveaway and Oriol Gomez and guillem León audiogaming career

This stream happened on the day of the Scramble release. I was joined by my friend Guillem León to talk about our audiogaming career. You will know how projects like Roadsplat, Beatstar, Villains from Beyond or Dark Defender came to life. Please check it out! Scramble is a new arcade game by Stevo and you can find it here

Listen to the audio in mp3