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Here I will post my games for mac and PC

If you are looking for my old BGT games like danger on the wheel or death on the road, you will find them on the legacy BGT games section.

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Available titles right now:: 3

Beatstar: The new version of the game, written in Node.JS

This is the new version of Beatstar, the game which has been installed in many blind gamers' computers isnce its launch.

This new version allows you to download packs from within the game much faster, also upload your packs and play within the pack editor! YOu’re going to love it.

Download for Windows

Download for macOS

Lucky Strike: Today you killed... How many robots?

It is the year 2039. You are a junior developer at Superior Robots LLC, a company specialized in deploying robots for various situations. Usually, your company specializes in deploying the usual kinds of robots: Cleaning bots, service bots for blind people and other persons with special needs, etc. But John Doe, the CEO, recently had the brilliant idea (or maybe not so) to start creating robots for the military, and they hired you and other junior interns to code the robot’s empathy core. What could go wrong? Not much, right?

Game Manual

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Supercube: This is the new Javascript version of the game

In this game you have a cube with 6 different sounds or colors, and you have to put the cube in the correct place when the computer issues an instruction.

You have a few game modes like memory man, which is sort of a simon game, and the music cube which will speed up the music to make the game more challenging for a total of 30 levels.

This version does not have the mathematical error from the previous version which wasn’t really a cube… How embarrassing!

Download for Windows

Download for macOS